I have long been fascinated by words. Sounds that by common agreement between human beings can help bring to live the most complex and abstract mind images, smells, concepts, structures, etc. I come from a family of traditional folk musicians. So, long before I had access to musical notation, I saw how word instructions would magically translate into music. 

I loved to be presented with a verbal framework to construct instant musical realities, experiences and relationships. Apart from this, there was a fundamental ability that I was driven to study and develop. It was the ability to both listen and respond to what I was hearing at the same time. In other words, my goal was to create in real time a composition based on what I was getting from other musicians and also inform what they were playing, by practicing this constant listening/responding mode. The passion for this kind of musical ability kindled in me a desire to build a music notation and composition system for improvisers. Based on written verbal instructions and on the premise of this listening/respond ability. I have named this particular system Music In Frames.

Players: Dafna Naphtali (Voice and Electronics), Alejandro Zuleta (Piano). 

Players:  Mark Ferber (Drums), Daniel Song (Amplified Violin), Kevin Wunderlich (Elctric Guitar), Justin Wood (Alto Sax), Alejandro Zuleta (Piano). 



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